Orange County jail serves 3 meals daily.  Inmates who eat late-morning breakfasts or late dinners might be in for a bit of a surprise, however.  Breakfast is served at 4:30 AM, lunch is at 11 AM, and dinner is served at 4:30 PM.

Despite the fact that the jail offers 3 daily meals, these are spread out over a 12-hour period.  Many former inmates agree that you'll become very hungry throughout the day, particularly during the extra waking hours after dinner.  Inmates work around this by buying additional food from the jail's commissary.  Former inmates suggest having friends or family put money “on the books” for you – this means depositing money into your account.

Money in your account can be used to purchase a variety of items from the commissary, including stationery and snack food.  The Orange County jail brings in a lot of extra revenue from their commissary, so they allow inmates to order more often than most jails.  The commissary takes orders 3 times per week, and deliveries arrive the following day.

Some inmates have been known to spend a few hundred dollars on commissary food orders per week.  Former Orange County jail inmates estimate you need to spend at least $20 on food from the commissary per week to avoid feeling hungry.