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Ana Story

Hi my name is Ana. I was looking up a friend and like many others its sad but true..,jails where they might be at…well looking back three years ago I had one to many times been in the same position in and out of those stoned walls that only agree me each and every time but every time I blamed them (the authority’s)to come to find out their only humans with out them we would all be running around like chickens with no heads rules and good people wouldn’t exist .,anyways as I sit here and pray for my friend I can only do so much even though we all make mistakes how many of us actually get a second chance??…in this type of life style drugs jails money power all that comes with crime isn’t worth losing yourself or the people that actually love you…i had to give up a whole lot of people and people o thought loved me..but they didn’t they used me abused me and lied on me in the end I had to fight for myself to show myself and keep my mind right because I’m not like that I’m better now I gave up a gang and even my partner it does hurt to say she chose another thing other than the one that’s always been with her this time I walk alone I got my own things and a job that I am so very proud to be apart of I work at Chrysler dealership in the office in learning so much about myself and about being responsible and all these other crzy feelings and visions I never had lifes so much better over on this side,I spent a year of my life watching my mother cry for me threw a glass window I missed so much of my lil niece amy so much but I don’t regret doing the wrong things that’s what makes me me today I do regret waiting my time on people who couldn’t stop to love me back I hope one day when you get to your rock bottom you really do realize that its not worth it.i know I’m worth it and my time has just begun my new life has just begun so I I sit back and enjoy the beautiful sight