During your incarceration in the Orange County jail, visiting days take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  You're allowed to have up to 3 visits per week, but these visits must take place on different days.  For example, your friend can't come to visit on Friday morning if you're expecting a visit from your mother that night.  Since you'll have already had a visit that day by the time your mom arrives, she'll be turned away and you won't get to see her.  One way to work around this requirement is to have multiple people come for a visit at one time.  Up to 3 people are permitted per visit, so try to coordinate visits with your friends and family if you expect a lot of visitors.

When visitors come to see you, they'll need to go through an inspection.  Visitors will need to present valid photo identification and register with the jail.  They'll need to pass through a metal detector, and may be searched or asked to leave cell phones, jewelry and other items at the gate. 

Visitors will spend a significant amount of time waiting to see you – often up to 3 hours.  When you finally do get to see your visitors, your visits will last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.  Guards are allowed to send your visitors away after 10 minutes, so make sure you follow visitation rules.  It's also a good idea to get on guards' good side, to avoid having privileges taken away.  This will help you get longer visits, more time on the telephone, and an all-around easier sentence.

Orange County jail visits happen behind a glass window.  You communicate with your visitors through a telephone, but many inmates report that these phones let you hear your visitors clearly.  Many other jails report problems with visitor telephone sound quality, so this is a bigger benefit than you might think.  With a wall of glass between you and your visitors, no physical contact is possible during your visits.  Make sure to give your girlfriend, your mom, and your other loved ones a big hug before you go off to jail, as that physical contact is one of the things inmates miss the most.